If you've never used a Facebook contest app before, now's your chance to learn how to host amazing giveaways for your Facebook fans!


Written by ShannonW
1219 days ago

Hi Heather,

Well, this post is about holding a contest right on your fan page's Timeline vs. using a third-party app on your fan page... so the biggest difference between the two is by using an app, you're able to collect email addresses and other info about your target audience (that you've specified) to help build your email list.

If you run a contest on your Timeline (by asking for likes, comments, etc.) it's faster and easier than an app, but you do miss out on some good consumer info.

Basically, I think Timeline contests are best for smaller prizes and weekly giveaways, while contests run through an app are great for the bigger prizes and longer-running giveaways. And if you did want to put a contest up on your website, you'd use a third-party app to help you collect info.

Hope that helps!

Written by HeatherStone
1219 days ago

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for sharing April's great post. My question is, what are the benefits of holding a contest or promotion on your Facebook page vs. on your own website, assuming you have both? Are there times when you would definitely want to pick one or the other. I'd love if you or April (or both of you) could share your thoughts with the BizSugar community.

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