There are many tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile & many of them we’ve heard a million times... This post contains new but often overlooked tips!


Written by SeanGallahar
1484 days ago

Great points Sarah. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional social network. Even if a person is wary of social media in general, and they create a profile on LinkedIn just so they have it, they can always input their business information their, and not their own personal (eg. phone number, email address, website) information. Anyway, LinkedIn is a great website just as long as you use it for its intended purpose.

Written by sarahsantacroce
1484 days ago

thanks Sean !

Written by tiroberts
1488 days ago

Great points, Sarah. I agree that the most important part of your linkedin profile is the headline as it's a major part of the "first impression". Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

Written by sarahsantacroce
1488 days ago

Hi Heather, thanks for your comment. Where to start? ;-) Probably THE most important real estate on LinkedIn is the 'headline', underneath your name. People use acronyms such as CEO, CFO or Owner or Founder. However these are very generic and don't tell people what it is you bring to the table. If you use your keywords in your headline, you will show up much more often in search results for your skills.

Then there's the rich media: add some youtube videos, ppt presentations, links to sites etc. They will add value to your profile.

Hope that helps, Heather and everyone else ;-)



Written by HeatherStone
1488 days ago

Hi Sarah,

Great points about stalking (something I think a lot of people don't even know about but it kind of represents a missed opportunity) and providing contact information. Besides making sure that your profile is publicly visible, do you have any other advice on optimizing a LinkedIn profile so that it really creates the best possible impression? I'd love if you'd share your thoughts with the BizSugar community.

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