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The world of franchising is like a rollercoaster, but we’re not talking about the kind of rollercoaster that you don’t want to ride again. We’re talking about one that’s so fun you can’t get enough of it. Of course you have to play your cards right, which is what cloud accounting helps you... Read More
I ran across an article about turning a business into a franchise last week. Yesterday, too as a matter of fact. I guess it was published on two different small business websites.For the most part, the article was pretty well written. Except... Read More
When a franchise is profitable, the natural thought for many franchisees is "Can I expand?" In his March post, The Franchise King discusses the choices that must be made when considering franchise expansion. Read More
The spotlight on kids' health is shining brighter than ever -- with the food they eat daily at schools across the country a special area of focus. Wholesome Tummies franchisees are working directly with school officials nationwide to build healthier menus for children. Read More
I have my own take on franchising as an industry. I have my own ideas as to what today’s prospective franchise owners want in a business of their own.
Now I want your take. Please take this short survey. Thank you. Read More
It’s about the research.If you’re sure the franchise opportunities you've landed on so far are a good fit for you, it’s time to reach out to individual franchisees of the franchise concept (s) you’re looking into. And, call franchisees. Read More
Two of the most potentially frustrating aspects of starting a new business relate to the construction stage and satisfying local regulations and policies. Find out why franchisees can at times underestimate these challenges and take a look at a few reminders to best them. Read More
Franchise and business opportunities abound in terms of variety and price. Some of the many concepts that work well for investors concerned about cost are featured here as well as some guidance on evaluating cost of entry vs. overhead costs. Read More
It’s been a while since a new franchise book has been written and released.
But, all that has changed this year, because of one intrepid indie book publisher. Check out this new book publisher and their 3 new franchise titles. Read More
For over 10 years, Mathnasium has helped kids around the world conquer their fears of math by providing customized support and involving the five senses to make learning fun. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Jane Sheeba @janesheeba Replaced Day Job With Blogging

After studying for a PhD in Medical Physics in the UK, Jane Sheeba was set by most people's standards. She returned to … More
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