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Camp Bow Wow, the doggie daycare center and more, has been sold to a huge pet hospital corporation. The company owns and operates more than 600 animal hospitals. Is this good news for franchisees? Read More
The NLRB just ruled on something that could change franchising-the business model of franchising, as we know it. You need to read this important article on the Franchise Biz Directory blog. Read More
Knowing yourself (before you buy a franchise) sounds like obvious advice, but it entails examining important issues about your objectives, talents and strengths, finances, family commitments, and even your personal habits. Read More
If you’re thinking about working with a franchise broker to assist you in finding a franchise to own, here is an important tip. From a former franchise broker. Me. Read More
Usually we talk about franchising from the franchisee's perspective. But in this post, we flip it up and look at franchising from the franchisor's perspective. What does it take to start a successful franchise system? Read here. Read More
You will need a solid business plan if your franchise is going to succeed on a national level. This guide will explain every single aspect of drafting a working business plan. A business plan is essential for your franchise's success. Read this guide to g Read More
No business can survive without satisfied customers. Read how franchises Kona Ice and Mosquito Joe satisfy customers by providing them relief in their own respective ways. Read More
Greater monetary investments do not always equal greater payoffs. The choice between a service franchise or a merchandise franchise is one of the biggest factors in the future success of a franchisee. Read more in this post on how to research which is best for you. Read More
The 3 things franchise brokers would prefer to keep under wraps that I’ve decided to share with you aren’t bad things. Not at all. They’re just things that you-the prospective franchise business owner should know. Has to know. Read More
This is a story about a refund that I gave-one I had to give. There's a story behind the reason. And a lesson about trust. Reputation. Read this to find out on the Franchise Biz Directory website. Read More

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