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A lot happened in social media this week. Here is a quick roundup of some of the latest news.

InsideFacebook reports that Facebook is testing two features. The More People to Follow prompt, which appears when a user decides to follow someone, and Pages to Watch. The latter allows Page admins and Read More
A few months ago, I shared a list of 14 tools and services that I use to monitor what goes on in the social media world. Since then, I have added a few more to my arsenal. Here are eight that I could not live without. Read More
Time to share another extract from my upcoming new eBook! I am in the middle of the second draft and will go through six or seven more afterwards. So, as Read More
Google has decided to expand its Think Insights offerings outside the United States. The search engine giant unveiled the Canadian version of its educational website and magazine on Tuesday. Read More
Duvamis is a social network based on the concept of anonymity and freedom of speech.

If this sounds like an interesting idea, continue reading. Duvamis Vice President, Peter Gechev took the time to answer my questions about the site. Read More
Looking for an app that allows people to follow your blog with their favorite RSS readers without cluttering your sidebar? Try SubToMe! Read More
Is Facebook trying to become more user-friendly? The company introduced on Wednesday a new social plugin that allows people to embed public posts on blogs and w Read More
I built my first personal website in 2003, when you still had to be knowledgeable about HTML. I was so proud of what I had achieved on my own with Microsoft FrontPage that I spent the first day staring at the site and sending its link to my friends and family. In a nutshell, I felt on top of the wo Read More
A few weeks ago, I had a very unpleasant experience with a social media platform. In fact, things got so bad that a moderator decided to delete my account overnight. Read More
Facebook reported its financial results for Q2 of this year on Wednesday. The company also included new usage statistics. Here are some highlights. Read More

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