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If you have followed me for a while, you probably know that Twitter is my favorite social media platform.

Not only do most of my leads come from there. I have also met great people, some of whom are now among my best online friends. Others are treasured peers with whom I have partnered several t Read More
In 2012, Matt Cutts, the head of the Google webspam team, posted a video in which he suggests that the phrase SEO should stand for ‘Search Experience Optimization’ instead of ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Three years later, this video has never been more relevant. 60% of U.S. adults now conduct Read More
My favorite thing about WordPress is the ability to add features via plugins. However, after a decade as a blogger, I know that many business owners still don’t understand what they are.

So, following last month’s #smslantchat discussion with Jon Whitbeck, I decided to invite WordPress website d Read More

A case study in doing content curation right

A case study in doing content curation right Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From http://socialmediaslant.com 7 days ago
Made Hot by: fundpr on April 22, 2015 10:24 pm
A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor to feature content curator Karen Dietz on the blog.

Karen does a stellar job at presenting her posts. And this is what I would like to show you today.

Below is one of the best curations I have read from her. Read More
What makes a community special is its members. Their actions and loyalty allow it to last and thrive.

However, the magic won’t happen by snapping your fingers. Your audience needs good reasons to “meet and greet” regularly. One of them is the amount of giving without expectations. Another is the Read More
After Karen Dietz, Martin W. Smith, Robin Good, and Brian Yanish, here is another curator I’m really excited to feature on the blog.

Mandy EdwardsShe also has more than a decade of experience in sales, event planning, local store marketing, advertising, and social media. She is also the founder Read More
This month, let me introduce you to the following tools: Retweeted More, Pablo, Google+ Page Analysis, Blog Title Idea Generator, and Coffitivity Read More

About Those Generic LinkedIn Invitations…

About Those Generic LinkedIn Invitations… Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From https://medium.com 19 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on April 13, 2015 12:00 pm
Those who have followed me for a while know how much I like LinkedIn. Actually, it’s one of my favorite platforms after Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

I don’t use LinkedIn just to connect with peers. I enjoy contributing content and read other people’s posts there. The conversations taking pla Read More
By now, most of us know that social media is a powerful medium. Not only does it allow us to stay in touch with family and friends but also it makes it easy to build an audience to connect with. Unfortunately, when I say it’s easy, it doesn’t mean that no effort is required.

Consumers won’t auto Read More
After Karen Dietz, Martin W. Smith, and Robin Good, here is another must-follow curator: Brian Yanish.

Brian has more than 15 years of experience as an online marketer and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of MarketingHits, a company that offers website design and digital marketing services. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Nile Flores is the Blond Anomaly of WordPress

WordPress can be a great tool for businesses. But it can be complicated for some bloggers to navigate all of the … More
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