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Latest Blog Entry: She?s Having a Baby? The 2014 Remake
I’m so excited to announce that Cassius Blue Consulting is growing in so many ways. Including a new baby for Mr Starr and I. In case you missed yesterday’s social media announcement I thought I’d share here {I’m pretty proud of my creative pregnancy announcement using a movie poster. ;-)} Move over Kevin Bacon & Elizabeth McGovern coming October 2014 to a Theater Near You! She?s Having a Baby, starring Rod Starr & Brandi Starr as themselves. Plot: Rod and Brandi Starr are (not quite) newlyweds. With their youngest being 11, they are perhaps a bit unprepared for the full reality of having a baby and all that it (and their 4-children) expects from them. Will they make baby food? Their kids certainly want them to. Can their lifestyle handle 2 a.m. feedings and endless diapers? A Note from the Cast: Over the years, we have shared our lives on Facebook via pictures, status messages, check-ins, more pictures, life events, and of course, even more pictures. Today is no different. #PopulateTheEarth2013 amongst our friends has produced many precious little ones over the past year, it is with great joy and excitement that we announce our beautiful blended family will be expanding with the expected arrival of […]
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