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Even though social media has been used for business for years now, many businesses still aren’t quite sure how to properly leverage it. It often goes back to their beginnings in social media. There was lots of pressure to get involved so business owners jumped in and figured that they’d “learn as t Read More
While I applaud site owners that want to get their SEO off on the right foot and outsource it to an SEO provider right away, I firmly believe it’s imperative that all site owners learn the basics of SEO for themselves BEFORE outsourcing your SEO. You don’t have to become an expert, but you need to Read More
*Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is not to be negative about firms in India, but rather to share the pros and cons of outsourcing SEO work to India or any other location that isn’t within the U.S.

When looking for an SEO firm, a business has many options. There are hundreds, if not thousand Read More
A few weeks ago I was walking a site owner and his team through an SEO audit of his site and was explaining the importance of building a strong and diverse link portfolio, especially since Google’s Penguin update was designed to target “unnatural links.” When I was just about ready to move on to th Read More
Among other things, Google’s Penguin update went after sites that didn’t diversify their anchor text list. This meant the majority of the inbound links to their site were using the same anchor text phrases time and time again (like if 70% of the links pointing to this site said “SEO blog.”) It’s ve Read More
There is so much content out there on the web that it can be very difficult to get yours noticed. You may be writing high quality posts on a regular basis, but so is everybody else. Well, maybe not everybody else, but it’s doubtful that you are the only one doing so within your niche. If you are sp Read More
In a perfect world, an enterprise SEO campaign would be integrated completely into every aspect of their business, especially so within the multiple factions of the company’ marketing department. However, many enterprises function more like a connected series of separate entities as opposed to one Read More
Before you dive headfirst into your SEO campaign (and I applaud your enthusiasm!) there are a few pre-SEO questions that need to be answered so you make sure aren’t diving into the shallow end!

Read More
If you work for or own a company in the B2B sector, you’ve likely heard of the benefits of content marketing. B2B decision makers are looking for as much information before signing on the dotted line or handing over a payment. This is especially true if your business is somewhat complex in nature a Read More
One of the unique SEO problems that e-commerce websites face is that their products can be constantly changing. This means that new product pages are being added, content is being tweaked and discontinued or out of stock product pages are being taken down. This kind of product page turnover can act Read More

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