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A subscriber writes in to ask…

Can you still do joint ventures if you’re too shy to propose and close deals yourself?

In a word my answer is ABSOLUTELY! Read More
The problem is some people can become overwhelmed if they haven’t done a joint venture deal before.

It can seem difficult.


And sometimes out of reach for yourself. Read More
Not many people know this but Jay Abraham was once in dire straits…

You see, as a young man he faced the unfortunate situation of having no job, no money AND two hungry kids to feed. Yet, somehow he managed to turn it around and start to accumulate incredible wealth. Read More
So… did you get a chance to listen to my JV training yesterday?

Don’t worry if you didn’t, as it’s still on the website for the next few days.

But anyway, today we move onto Lesson 2 in this training of… Read More
So today is the final instalment of my training…

“The Ultimate Source of Free Traffic That’s
Already Qualified to Purchase Your Product” Read More
It all starts today.

The first lesson of my…

“The Ultimate Source of Free Traffic That’s
Already Qualified to Purchase Your Product”

…training is now available for your listening pleasure. Read More
You might be wondering if JV Brokering Mastery is still relevant and profitable in 2015?

And it’s a fair question.

There have been plenty of other business models that have grown outdated and become obsolete... Read More
Here’s a great quote from the late, great, Jay Conrad Levinson…

“Traditional marketing advocates destroying competition; Instead co-operate with competitors and create win-win opportunities.” Read More
There are usually only two reasons why people fail with the JV Brokering business model.

And they are…

1. They never get started
2. The first deal doesn’t work out as well as expected and they quit Read More
Probably the most common concern people have about JV Brokering is… Why bother giving a cut of profit to a broker instead of setting up the JV by myself? And you know what? The answer is pretty simple… Read More

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