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If your sales page is not converting well, it’s quite possible the section above the fold is one of the main reasons.

Obviously, this is the first thing people lay their eyeballs on when they hit your page. And if you don’t capture their attention immediately, you’re dead in the water. Read More
This may sound counterintuitive and to some it may sound crazy…

But trying to sell your products or services inside an email is a bad idea!

Stick with me and you’ll see what I mean.

Let me firstly clarify by saying…

Read More
If there’ one thing that can frustrate info marketers…

It’s having to continually come up with ideas to use for emails.

And ideally… you don’t want to send crap to your subscribers, just for sake of sending an email, and asking them to buy something. Read More
One of the biggest problem with content marketing is…

It’s time consuming.

And in reality, most info marketers are just not motivated to churn out a ton of content. It’s easier to just send paid traffic and scale, right? Read More
There’s one element that is crucial to maximising response, but is often overlooked.

And sometimes it can be the key reason why an email or sales letter bombs. Read More
If you want to be able to sell more of your products/services and influence your prospects, then start thinking the way Jack Reacher does. Read More
If you put yourself into the shoes of a consumer, there are few things more frustrating than this:

Just imagine walking into a hardware shop and buying a hammer packaged up in plastic. Read More
If there’s one thing that everybody hates about online marketing it’s this:

Spammers who blast out millions of promotional messages to as many people as they can. Read More
Let’s talk about one of the worst traits of an amateur copywriter?

It’s something that repels sales like a guy with bad breath chatting up women. Read More
Here’s something a bit off the wall, but highly effective.

If you’d like your business to bring in more customers and increase your market share, then consider knocking yourself off.

What do I mean by this? Read More

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