When I was first starting out with my home business, I could have used a helpful guide on self-employed taxes. Learn more about self-employed taxes with this comprehensive guide from TaxHelp.org. Read More
All the resources you need to prepare for filing business taxes, in a step-by-step interactive guide. Read More
Starting in 2014, the individual mandate for health insurance coverage is in effect. However, once you look deeper, it becomes apparent that the Obamacare tax penalty lacks teeth. Read More
If in the next four years, the City Council is able to completely phase out the business tax that generates $400 million for the city of the Los Angeles annually, will L.A. see a rise in business creation ad activity that it has not seen over the base few years? And who (or what) is to make up the Read More
Is your car used for business? If so, you may be able to deduct a significant portion of your car expenses. Check out this infographic to find out what cars qualify, and what you can deduct. Read More
One of the biggest stories of the new year is that Colorado started allowing the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes on January 1, 2014. So far it has brought in $1.24 million in taxes. Read More
Tax planning for small business will be complicated this year: fifty-five different tax deductions expired at the end of 2013, including a few that were key to businesses’ abilities to write off bigger purchases. With those changes, it’s crucial to keep an eye out on which remaining tax deductions Read More
Starting this year, there is a new home office tax deduction rule that can be applied. This is a new tax deduction rule that some home business owners might find easier to use. Read More
The IRS will start accepting tax returns on January 31, 2014, and you need to start preparing, since you might be affected by the following changes: Read More
As you sort through your taxes for the 2013 filing season, and as you plan for the 2014 tax year, the tax preparation company Jackson-Hewitt suggests you keep these four things in mind: Read More

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