Here are some last minute file tips to organize everything for your 2014 tax return as well as some things to avoid. Read More
The accounting industry is having a very good year as we’re all pushing to get our tax returns completed. As an industry, accountants tend to do well and can expect repeat business. But this year is something special, as we all scramble to figure out just what the Affordable Care Act means for our Read More
Have you heard of the “marriage penalty?” No, it doesn’t refer to your friends trashing you because you tied the knot. It’s a common tax phrase, but it can be confusing and complicated. Miranda Marquit has some examples that will illustrate it more clearly. Read More
Need some help with your W-2 form? If so, I have this nice infographic that can help your W-2 form filling a less painful one - guaranteed! Read More
It’s here again, it’s time to start thinking about tax season again. While most of us can’t wait to get this chore over with and hopefully pocket a decent refund, it may benefit your business to step back in time and revisit last year’s return.

Read More
You might be surprised at how many people are unprepared to pay their taxes when their bills come due. As you get ready for this year, it’s time to prepare for your tax bill. Read More
Are you prepared for tax season? The IRS is officially “open for business” and that means that it’s time for you to start thinking about where you’re at with your own taxes. Read More
If you think filing taxes once per year is miserable, filing them four times each year has to sound like the worst thing ever. However, for many self-employed people, it’s a necessity and reality. Here’s how to get started if quarterly filings are new for you. Read More
With corporate tax reform becoming a hot topic among politicians and the media, many are targeting reform with pass-through entities which negatively affect small businesses. Read More
Here are some of the common payroll tax pitfalls that small businesses face, as well as suggestions on how to avoid them. Read More

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