Every now and then, a shift in financial strategy or an unexpected event leads to a debt to the IRS. Here are three approaches worth considering for paying back the debt. Read More
Hiring your children to help out with your business can help you enjoy family tax advantages, and provide you with savings that you won’t see when you hire workers outside your family. Read More
Find out what energy efficient federal tax credits are still available for 2013, what energy efficient products qualify, and how they work in terms of reducing your Federal tax liabilities. Read More
You don’t have to confine your tax organization to the time between January 1 and April 15. If you plan your tax strategy all year, you are less likely to miss things, and more likely to improve your tax efficiency. Read More
The Marketplace Fairness Act is a bill be voted on in congress, which would enable companies with at least $1 million in sales to withhold sales taxes for online purchases. It was passed by the Senate, and will be voted on most likely in the House. How will this affect your small business? Read More
When you work from a home office, you incur a number of costs to keep your business going. The good news is that many of these home office costs are tax-deductible. Read More
It is amazing how many business owners know so little about the flat rate scheme for VAT. It is a scheme that can not only reduce the accounting burden for small businesses but also save them a fair few pennies in the process! So what is the flat rate scheme, who is eligible and what is the catch? Read More
Practical advice on what to do if you receive a notice from the IRS. Usually a simple response may be all that is required. Read More
A review of how the IRS offer in compromise program changed from 2011-2012 after the fresh start program. Offers increased, but less than than the growth of total offers accepted and the growth of the acceptance rate. Read More
Tax time is over, and those Americans who are expecting a refund are already making plans to spend it. How? A study of Twitter feeds by IQ Agency found that as of early April, 65 percent of Americans already knew how they planned to spend their tax refunds. The result is good news for retailers, wi Read More

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