Tax deductions can help you reduce your income, and that means lower taxes. A tax deduction isn’t as valuable as a tax credit, but it’s still not bad. Read More
Yes, it’s April 15th and if you haven’t filed your taxes just yet, you’re probably kicking yourself in the you-know-what for waiting till the last minute to file taxes for your sole proprietorship or small business. But have no fear, if you have a few minutes, below are some helpful links and tips Read More
his is one of the most difficult blog posts I’ve ever written…because I’m about to admit something that’s not easy to talk about. Even though I know some people will not be comfortable with the decisions I’ve made, I think putting all my ugliness, fear, and doubt out there may help you. And if writ Read More
The house of representatives is currently taking suggestions, comments, or ideas on how the US Federal tax code can be reform. If you want tax change, send an email directly to the house of representatives by April 15th. Read More
Right about now, are you scrambling to find everything you need to file your taxes? The problem: you can't find everything you need because you haven't taken the time to get organized. Take these steps to ensure next year's tax filing time is stress-free and organized. Read More
Are you frantically getting your taxes together for Tax Day April 15? It’s time to start thinking about tax time—next year’s tax time, that is. Read More

Watch Out for the

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Every year, the IRS releases its list of the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams. Here are the top 12 tax scams to watch out for this year, according to CNN Money and the IRS. Read More
The April 15th tax deadline is quickly approaching and small businesses have a lot of paperwork to process with minimal time to do so. Read More
Credit Sesame CEO Adrian Nazari discusses how you can make small business debt save you money on your taxes. Read More
Cyprus intends to tax bank deposits, in exchange for a European bailout. The idea of taxing bank deposits may sound crazy to Americans, but one US congressman has wants to. Read More

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