Although April 15th was weeks ago, the impact of paying income taxes may still have a lingering affect for many people.

Many of these people are business owners or high income professionals who find themselves with a retirement plan dilemma. They have high earnings but inadequate retirement savi Read More
While you were training to be an accountant, chances are you already decided which type of accounting firm you wanted to work for. Perhaps you wanted to work as an accountant for a large firm. Maybe the name and the reputation impressed you. You may even have been attracted to the idea of working i Read More
One of the common assertions made on the campaign trail is that tax cuts can lead to job growth. But is that really true? Read More
Well, Tax Day has come and gone once again. Most of us prefer to brush it under the rug and not think about it for another 10 months or so. Resist the urge. Instead, be proactive about these areas of your business that you can work on so that, come next year, you’re well-prepared for tax time! Read More
As a business owner, there is a lot for you to keep in mind. One item often overlooked, especially by those just starting out, is taxes. Read More
Another form of tax fraud is a concern to the IRS: It appears that people use old Social Security numbers to file taxes -- and claim refunds. Read More
While you can’t get a tax deduction for a personal vacation, you may be eligible for certain federal tax deductions if you make business a part of your trip. Read More
U.S.-based small businesses that sell certain digital products within European Union countries need to account for new value-added tax (VAT) regulations.
The new VAT rules went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, and apply to companies selling digital products within any EU member country. Read More
Manhattan’s escalating rents rank among the top complaints from the borough’s small businesses, but it is an arcane tax on rent that really rankles some independent entrepreneurs. Now, some are hoping that relief is in sight, in the form of a bill that City Council members plan to introduce at the Read More
While it might be tempting to spend the money on something fun, you might first want to consider putting that money to work on your behalf instead. Read More

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