The Obamacare medicare surtax could come as a surprise to many married couples resulting in large refunds or result in large tax balance owes. Read More
As your startup or small business grows, its taxes will become more and more complicated. Most of us simply do not have the training or experience to make doing our own taxes worthwhile and would be better served to hire a professional to help us out. Read More
Beware liquor stores: you will now face more taxes due to licensing taxes. Does this mean that conducting small businesses in the US has become harder these days? Read More
It's never too early to start thinking of how to lower your taxes. Here are 4 ways you can reduce your taxes and keep more of what you earned from your business. Read More
Remember when the payroll tax cut expired? Even though things were just going back to normal, to many taxpayers used to the lower payroll taxes it felt like a tax hike. Here is a list of Federal tax deductions coming to an End in 2013 unless Congress acts before the end of the year. Read More
Attention business owners, here are some new tax rules that you must know. With these new rules, a tax advisor is a must-have. Here are some of the new tax rules that you should get ready for. Read More
Earlier this month marked the day that tax code as we know it, complete with income tax, became law.
Here is a brief overview of how the income tax, how it came into being, as well as an overview of the changes that ensued. Read More
Many news organizations paint the wealthy who legally avoid or reduce their taxable income as unethical. Reducing taxes illegally is one thing, but legally reducing them is a another. What is your take? Read More
EBIT is an acronym for Earnings Before Interest and Taxes.

This is a term Bankers often use as a measure of a business’s earnings from operations. The EBIT reveals operating profitability without non-recurring or unusual income or expenses.

To calculate EBIT, start with the Net Operating Inc Read More
Any legally married couple, no matter the policy in the couple’s state of residence, will be considered married for tax filing purposes. Just because same-sex couples can now file jointly, does it mean they should? Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

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