Like most business owners, you probably incur costs on wining and dining customers or clients. You’d think that this is an easy tax deduction, but you’d be wrong. The tax law is peppered with rules and limitations that curtail or prevent you from deducting meal costs you’d think would be a legitima Read More
Do you want to know where your taxes are headed this coming 2014? Here are some predictions on what's going to happen based on what happened this year. Read More
Now that December is here, it’s a good time to start looking at how you can pile on the tax deductions. Sell some of your losing stocks and reap the tax harvest. Tax deductions, ahoy! Read More
What if you can’t afford to pay someone else to prepare your tax return? The good news is that there are low cost and free resources to help you prepare your taxes. Read More
As 2013 comes to an end, successful entrepreneurs and other taxpayers should take note that many tax deductions and tax credits are being reduced or altogether expired on January 1st, 2014. This Infographic summarizes some of the major 2014 tax changes. Read More
Small businesses should be aware that IRS announced (IR-2013-84) the newest and scariest phone scam.  Someone has a sick sense of humor out there. This sophisticated and sinister phone scam targets taxpayers throughout the country. This alert tells you more and how to avoid being scammed. Read More
Many small business owners try to cut corners by treating workers as independent contractors. This type of tax dodge can put the business in hot water. Worse, owners can be personally liable for corporate payroll taxes. Learn more about this and what can be done under the VCSP amnesty program. Read More
IRS has recently announced some deductible taxes for company vehicles. Now, you can get a half a cent per mile. The numbers can add up if you have a lot of vehicles. Read More
There will always be those intent on earning money by tricking the hard-working out of their cash. Right now, the IRS is warning about two new scams that might impact you. Read More
Which tax breaks have you become accustomed to? Some of the tax breaks slated for expiration at the end of 2013 are those that many of us have gotten used to. Which will you miss? Read More

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