Business bookkeeping adjustments and financial planning helps lower taxable income when the right techniques are used. Being aware of these business tax tips may help your business avoid overpaying taxes. Read More
The IRS releases a yearly guidance plan and this year the IRS plan to look at the employee perk of free lunch among other things. Read More
When we think of tax time, we often focus on our federal returns. However, the truth is that you also have to think of your state return as well. If you’ve moved, though, you might have multiple state tax returns to file this year. Read More
Teaming up with the right tax professional can save you money and help make your business more competitive. Follow these tips and find the right person. Read More
Failure to properly pay your payroll taxes could mean fines or even jail. This infographic can show you how to do your payroll taxes in the right way. Read More
Limited liability corporations are taxed as either pass through entities or as a partnership depending on the number of owners. Sole owners of LLCs may qualify for tax exemptions not typically applicable to individual tax filing; LLCs are also known to avoid double taxation. Read More
Although the IRS allows taxpayers to deduct student loan interest on your Federal Tax Return, there are limitations with this deduction with regards to income, qualified expenses and more. Read More
I just got back from New Orleans, where I had a great time at the FinCon Expo. When you travel for business, you can plan it so that you get a tax deduction as well. Read More
If President Obama's budget proposals regarding Roth IRAs are adopted, there were be a few changes with Roth IRAs. Read More
Even though an Internet sales tax influences consumer behavior and affects business administrative practices, there are some business protections built into the law. For example, businesses with annual revenue under $1 million would not be subject to the tax collection requirements, and if they are Read More

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