I guess the title of the post must have given you the idea what I am talking about and rest my detailed post will explain. Yeah, read it now . . .


Written by tiroberts
1964 days ago

Hi Amrik,

You most certainly hit the nail on the head with this post. I love the "stealing" theme and it's SO TRUE. It wasn't until I began to steal ideas of other bloggers and infuse my own personality into them that I started to gain the recognition of some blogging heavy weights in my niche.

There's no such thing as originality when it comes to blogging, but there is such a thing as having your own unique personality. That's what sets you apart in a niche where there's much competition - that and a sincere effort to build relationships with those bloggers you stole from to get even more exposure. :)

Thanks for sharing this post with our community over on BizSugar. I appreciate it!


Written by tcamba
1965 days ago

Some writers get flattered when someone steal their ideas. It just shows that your ideas are highly praised and worthy to "copywrite"( yes, I spelled it correctly) but sometimes , isn't it nice to give credit where credit is due?

Written by bigmoneyweb
1966 days ago

Great post!, I have seen so many bloggers trying to be originality when it comes to writing and publishing articles just as you said, nothing is wrong in stealing someone's ideas but given back credit matters a lot because I have seen so many new bloggers that keeps stealing ideas without given back the original owner's credit for that, so what I'm trying to say is that, there is nothing wrong in stealing some ideas which you can use on your benefit.

Jon Morrow is also one of my best friend that I really respect a lot too.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by BizRock
1966 days ago

Great idea! Sometimes you need to steal good idea if you want to be better!

Thank you for sharing!

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