Not Lost In Translation: Cendrine Marrouat

Not Lost In Translation: Cendrine Marrouat Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Success Stories
From 834 days ago
Made Hot by: zioncampo on December 20, 2012 12:01 pm
I first came across Cendrine Marrouat and her Creative Ramblings on Bizsugar. After reading her post the first time I have since always made a point of looking out for Cendrine’s posts as they are always so interesting. We got chatting on Twitter and have since kept in touch on a regular basis – it’s possible I’m even being included in her new eBook.

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Written by elainerogers
832 days ago

Great interview and wonderful blogging tips - I am printing out the questions and am going to hand-write them over today and tomorrow - see if they take me in a new direction (without online influence)

Thank you both Cendrine and Sian :)

Written by cendrinemedia
832 days ago

And by the way, you don't need to be really influent online to be successful. It depends on your goals and your strategy. :-:

Written by cendrinemedia
832 days ago

My pleasure! I offer many more tips in my eBook on blogging. If you are interested in checking it out, PM me. :-)

Written by HeatherStone
833 days ago

Hi Sian,

Cendrine is not only a member of the BizSugar community, but has been featured as a Contributor of the Week and always keeps the conversation interesting. Her observations about social media and online writing are particularly relevant to today's entrepreneur who must use many of these tools to network and communicate. I'm glad you had a chance to chat with Cendrine, and thanks for sharing the interview with the whole BizSugar community!

Written by cendrinemedia
832 days ago

Wow, thank you Heather! Your words make me feel very special!

Written by lyceum
834 days ago

Sian: Lost in Transition is a funny movie! :)

Written by Sian Phillips
834 days ago

Yep Lyceum - that's why I called it "Not" Lost in Translation :) It's a bit of a turn on the phrase

Written by tiroberts
834 days ago

Sian, this was a great interview post. I met Cendrine through BizSugar as well and it's been a true pleasure interacting with her. It was great to read this post and get to know her better. And, I had NO idea that English wasn't her first language! Pretty awesome :). Cendrine, thanks for all the great content you create and contribute to the blogosphere. It's much appreciated!


Written by cendrinemedia
832 days ago

You both know how to make someone feel special!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Written by Sian Phillips
834 days ago

Thanks Ti - I'm glad you liked it. Cendrine is an amazing woman and a dream to interview as there are so many questions I wanted to ask

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