Excellent Cultures are Essential for Innovation in Business

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Instead of making an educated guess (aka use professional judgment), consider the questions found in a Business Culture MRI. Also, listen to the experts talk about about the culture in this podcast: Internal Marketing is Key to Your Culture. Zac Gandara and Steve Gandara interview Bruce J. Avolio.

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Written by michaelhartzell
114 days ago


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs....

But that is the medical jargon.

There are companies which borrow the meaning of MRI to mean "xray your business with our scientific approach" but don't use an xray machine.

Which is why I suppose marketing is so much fun. Twist and turn words or phrases to make a point. :)

Yes. After the Matrix movie came out, I thought it only fair the rest of us who split ourselves between the virtual world and dirt world also wore long black leathers.

Great in the winter. Not so much in the summer. :)

Written by lyceum
114 days ago

Michael: Thanks for the explanation! Now I am totally lost! ;) I will start to listen to your podcast in order to understand what you are talking about! :)

Written by lyceum
114 days ago

What is the meaning of the acronym MRI? Btw: Do you like long leather coats? ;)

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