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You have skills. In fact, sometimes you hear from others that you are are a genius as people gain from your wisdom and experience. You have decided to take advantage of your talents. and think "If I am such a genius, why not add to my income and monetize my deep expertise?"  


Being an expert is not near enough and while you may have heard "you are a genius", you remain an unknown to the world. 

So you start from where everyone does, from scratch... at the beginning.
(You may still be starting from scratch even after two years of effort.)

  • First, inventory your skills, talents and strengths along with your assets and resources. 

  • Focus on "one thing" you will offer people or businesses where they can benefit more by paying you than taking care of it themselves. (It may be either a product or service) 

With no reputation and no public history, you start from scratch and...

  • Volunteer - Commit and support those who make a difference

  • Share samples

  • Prove your character and expertise

  • Listen carefully and understand the real needs people have

  • Sharpen your skills and knowledge

  • Create raving fans by consistently filling those needs

  • Stay alert and aware

  • Testimonials and referrals will follow

  • Watch for when opportunity knocks (and will knock at the most unexpected moments in time)

  • Be ready and available

  • Say "yes"

  • Tell stories of success (No success stories means you are still starting from scratch)

This is an investment into those you serve, and yourself, and you will create an indentity (brand) which builds a foundation for belief (aka trust). This does not come easily via convincing, pursuasion or arguments without something of substance to prove the value of your products or services. (Talk is still cheap.)


Jugglers do not spend time convincing potential buyers they can juggle. They pick up fire sticks and remove doubt of skill instantly by juggling them high in the air. If that is not enough, the juggler picks up chain saws, drinks a milkshake from a straw while standing on the top of an elephant. What will it take to impress?

Your "volunteering" aka "juggling" can be the form of:

  • Demonstrations - in person or online
  • Blogging
  • Guest articles
  • Videos
  • In-person presentations
  • Online presentation in webinars 
  • One on one web meetings
  • Smaller samples of your product or service

Those most excited about sharing the awesomeness of your products or services will do so by giving referrals or recommendations and will have seen your "juggling" live and in-person. They can personally attest to your character and expertise.

If you are willing to invest time and effort, to take a risk and be generous without a guarantee... humans recognize these characteristics and are appreciative. 

One such person who offers value and began her journey by investing in others and herself is Lynn Terry of ClickNewz.  She is a first-class trainer and understands what it takes to use the Internet to start and grow a business. More importantly is her ability to share knowledge in bite sized nuggets.


Watch the video here and learn from Lynn:

When you start from scratch, there are more reasons to stop and worry about failure than to keep making an effort to move forward. You will hear every kind of reason about why you should quit from family and friends.  

Hopefully, Lynn Terry offers clarity and her solution will serve as a bridge for you to get things done.  "What's the very worst that can happen?"

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