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Latest Blog Entry: ?Get out of my face? vs ?Why didn't you tell me??

I see things.  Since I have lived a life of service focused on how people think, act and respond, patterns have become more obvious.

And I feel it in my bones that I am ?right?.
It is as obvious as the Big Dipper in the sky.
Yes, I know? not everyone can see the Big Dipper.

Over time I learned that seeing the new opportunities didn?t make people feel better.
Since the new innovation or idea is not theirs, most do not respond.
I don?t blame them.
It is like watching someone do well witching.
I guffawed when I heard of a friend hiring a well witcher.
Then the well witcher did found the water. And then he did so again.
Seeing is believing.
After that, I have kept a more open mind. 

I have regrets for not being able to help more.
I am sorry to not raising more of a ruckus and rattling the status quo even more than I do.
If I had, I know the outcome would have been positive.
But I also expect a few people will not feel more comfortable and confident as a result.
Bullying, pushy, bossy people are not appreciated even with the best of intentions.

I hesitate to raise a ruckus and stand tall because there are times I am wrong.
Which brings me to: ?I might be wrong so I will show you a possibility and let you decide.?
?even when I have the greatest confidence.

I show you courtesy and respect and cross my fingers hoping you see the same opportunities I see, which are that you are grand, awesome, talented and have the greatest potential.

But, humans do not judge themselves well.
Should I paint it on my forehead as a reminder?
?We never see ourselves with accuracy.?
This includes how we see our self in the mirror. That is not you in the mirror, it is a reflection, backwards.
I would have to paint the message in reverse to read it in a mirror.
How would that look in reverse? 

humans see themselves backwards 

And the more we live with ourselves, the less we understand our own skills, talents and potential.
?That can?t happen.? is a rant frequently heard from humans.

Which is when I am supposed to jump up and say:
?You can do it! This is how!?
There are coaches, teachers, trainers, experts, gurus, mentors, and Yoda who can help do this.
Rocky had a trainer (most of the time)
Every person or team winning a prize, award, contest? has a coach or trainer. No one does it alone.

One of the simple truths is ?No one likes to be told they can?t see the opportunities.?

I believe those who make a serious effort will see the new opportunities I see in their own time. Hopefully they will be recognized and acted on with optimism.

The first person to ever discover an oyster tossed it away with a ?yuck?.
The first person who discovered an oyster with a pearl celebrated and looked at the meat differently.

Which is best?

    • Pushing you to the point of annoyance knowing your success is just ahead, if only you would reach?
    • Or putting an option on your plate as if it was a vegetable choice on the menu where you can make the decision?

I hate to hear ?Get out of my face? but there is also the ?Why didn?t you tell me??

In my world, marketing is about sharing the awesomeness, it is not about making things up.
I see your potential and the potential of your business.
When you don?t see it and give up on yourself, then I guess I will too?

What a shame. The world could benefit from your contribution.

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