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Latest Blog Entry: Core Value Index (CVI) Calendar Magic

I use a calendar vs. a spreadsheet for marketing/business planning. (I love spreadsheets but hate taking time to transfer a plan to a calendar. Seems like one step too many.)  Blocks of time are color coded based on the types of activities on the calendar.

The calendar is blocked-out a little like this:

  1. Research (Listen) 
  2. Learn (and/or train)
  3. Plan
  4. Create / Build
  5. Connect / Share
  6. Analyze

Back to #1

It is like a dance, a song, a beat. These are activities in which I excel so work seems like a little too much fun on some days.

Color codes in the calendar include the CVI Core Value so I know if I will have a fun week.  If there is too much green and red in the calendar, uh oh. 

The Core Value Index (CVI) has become a warning tool to say: ?Mike, your colors show you are spending too much time in areas you are most comfortable with.? or it might also tell me to get more Almond Roca ready because it will be a tough week.  

When you make a plan and calendar, you might find a similar issue. Instead of maintaining a balance of activities to grow business, you might be focused on analytics. (I love numbers so must be careful with time analyzing as well.)  Or you might find your calendar full of networking and connecting (...with little creating/building time invested.)

Have you seen an example Core Value Index?

Below is a snapshot of a CVI showing my core value index to be creative, intuitive, an innovator and connector, This is why I work so well with people who are builders, I am an Innovator/Merchant.  

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