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Latest Blog Entry: Seth provokes thought but what is "generous"?

Seth provoked a thought today with his usual precision.  Saying "no" to conventional wisdom.

success generousity

If generosity makes you happy, what is generosity?  Is it based on your own inner gut?  Or do you rely on others for the definition as they say "you are generous if you give/donate more"?

Wikipedia helps:

Generosity (also called largess or largesse) is the habit of giving without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need. Often equated with charity as a virtue, generosity is widely accepted in society as a desirable trait.

You hear some will say "I am giving you my advice and I am being very generous."  Based on Wikipedia, this person is saying "I am giving and expecting nothing in return."  I suppose people can still be arrogant and generous at the same time. 

All of this of course is related to "The Law of Contribution" Thach Nguyen shares.

And Zig Ziglar: ?You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.?

As you consider your own path to success, it is not the quantity of gifting that defines generosity, it is the intent and expectation you have along the way.

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