Why You Shouldnt Be Afraid to Try Instagram and Snapchat

Why You Shouldnt Be Afraid to Try Instagram and Snapchat Avatar Posted by Carol_Amato under Social Media
From http://www.carolamato.com 86 days ago
Made Hot by: businessluv on August 11, 2014 8:15 am
Most of us are skeptical to try new things, especially in this age of scams and 'stuff' that wastes your time.

I can completely understand hesitating to try anything new, so I just finished a brand new blog post that will help you know what to do.

Plus you get to see a screenshot of my cell phone. :)

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Written by yorkecomm
59 days ago

Is there any way to sign up by desktop only?

Written by Carol_Amato
58 days ago

Hi Yorkecomm,

I don't know because I already got the app on my phone, then downloaded the desktop app.

You would just try is all...

Have a great day. :-)

- Carol

Written by lyceum
73 days ago

Carol: I like the Instagram app on my smartphone. I have using it several times per week. The web site for your profile is a great compilation of all your photos and it is a neat page to show to friends, family, potential clients (showing the potential of visual marketing).

I haven't see your latest post. I need to "save" time, so please give me the link! Thanks! :)

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
74 days ago

Carol: I like the desktop version of Instagram. It took some time, before they pulled it together. I wonder if Vine will do the same thing?

I have had a great start of the week. How about you?

Written by Carol_Amato
74 days ago


Yeah the desktop version is definitely convenient as I'm not on my phone that much because I work at home. :)

Don't know of Vine's upcoming plans, but will be interesting to keep an eye out to see.

Week going well, but have had appointments and am behind in all correspondence, but that's where my software comes in. Have you seen my latest blog post about saving time? Awesome tools/secrets revealed.

Talk soon,

- Carol

Written by lyceum
75 days ago

I an avid user of Instagram and I like how you could spread your photos to different channels, create blog posts, etc. I don't "get" Snapchat! ;) Thanks for giving examples on how you could use it in your business!

Written by Carol_Amato
75 days ago

Hi Martin,

You are very welcome, as a lot of people didn't know there was a desktop version for Instagram, which really helps sometimes.

Hope you have a great start to your week. :)

- Carol Amato

Written by adrian1015
86 days ago

I used to do instagram but never try snapchat. I think it is a very good app I will try and let see if the features is awesome.

Written by Carol_Amato
86 days ago

Hi Adrian,

Yes, I can understand that because Instagram is older than Snapchat, so that stands to reason.

It is a lot of fun, so look me up and let's connect…

Hope you have a great evening.

– Carol :-)

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