As I looked at my strategy for 2014 I determined that I would spend more time using Google+. There are a number of reasons for this which I outline in this post. While each business should make their own determinations for which platforms are best, I hope that this will encourage you to consider G+.

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Written by lyceum
78 days ago

Jenn: Thanks for your sound advice! :) Do you have any strategy for adding new users in circles? I wanted to add it in a slow and steady way. I think I share stuff on Google+ and Facebook in a similar way as you do. Have you tested other networks, like Path and Medium? Have you looked into Jelly?

Written by Saqi316
85 days ago

Google plus is destined to dominate my blogging strategies too because Google is giving prime importance to blogs that are scoring good at G+. Thanks die sharing this post with Bizsugar community.

Written by jennherman31
78 days ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I agree that bloggers really need to focus on including G+ for the reasons you mention.

Written by lyceum
85 days ago

Jenn: I think I will continue to stick with Twitter as my main social media tool. How do you manage to integrate Google+ in your daily routine? Have you read Guy Kawasaki's book on Google+? Do you have any tips on how to add circles in an organic way, step by step? I want to use Google+ more in the future.

Written by jennherman31
78 days ago

If Twitter works well for you, then you should keep using it.

I have not read his book but have heard a number of things about it.

I use G+ a lot like I use Facebook. I share my blog posts, other related articles that my audience will appreciate, and photos or posts that relate to my personal and professional life.

I recommend following people that are relevant to you and sharing the best content. Comment on other people's posts and join relevant communities to meet new people and grow your following.

Written by bigmoneyweb
87 days ago

Google plus is indeed a very awesome social media and, it can really boost a sites traffic beyond expectations but just as you said, some people might still not see it as the best. It all depends on what worked for you. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by jennherman31
78 days ago

I agree, Val. Everyone should find what works best for them and their audiences. But I also hope that people won't give up on G+ without giving it a fair chance.

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