I wrote my first in-depth post covering Twitter in March 2007 saying that Twitter would be the “message heard around the world.” Since then, we learned that Twitter has become a human seismograph where news no longer breaks it tweets. We learned to speak in 140 characters or less. We’ve witnessed Tweets erupt into revolutions. Hashtags are now a way of life. And, we now live in a world where if it wasn’t tweeted, it didn’t happen. Life unfolds in a digital river where experiences and common interests are the ties that bind us. Twitter is indeed part of the fabric of how our world communicates and connects and it contributes to the evolution of our #digitallifestyle.


Written by tiroberts
18 days ago

These are insightful tips. Thanks!

Written by tiroberts
172 days ago

These are insightful tips. Thanks!

Written by tiroberts
214 days ago

You've provided some very interesting and helpful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us. Ti

Written by lyceum
980 days ago

Brian: Twitter is alive and kicking! I am a big fan of Twitter. I have my Twitter handle, Lyceum, printed on my cap! ;) The only thing that I don't like at the moment is the "follow limit". I can't follow more fellow tweeps right now. I follow 4,236, but I have "only" 3,833, so I can't follow more now. Do you have tips on a Twitter tool for this situation?

Written by NanoTechnologyMedia
980 days ago

Congratulations to Twitter, but I just wonder how they are going to monetize their site.

Written by lyceum
979 days ago

They have a huge big data bank with useful information that could be used in different ways, e.g., projecting stock trends and breaking news.

How about premium accounts with advanced search features, lists, networking opportunities between tweeps, etc?

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