Pinterest for Sales, Can You Pin Your Way to the Bank?

Pinterest for Sales, Can You Pin Your Way to the Bank? Avatar Posted by EdLeake under Social Media
From 791 days ago
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How do you use Pinterest to drive more sales?

It’s no secret that Pinterest is gaining momentum. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest is the second largest driver of social referrals worldwide. Furthermore, its users are ripe for online retailers to attract as paying customers.

With 87% of Pinners reporting that Pinterest helped them decide what to purchase, Pinterest has shown that that pictures can also be worth a thousand sales.

In this article see the journey of Pinterest users from ‘lookers’ to ‘buyers’, and how to use Pinterest to boost ecommerce sales.


Written by lyceum
787 days ago

Ed: Thanks for your kind words! Talk to you soon again re. writing...

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
788 days ago

Ed: I am glad to hear that you like it here. BizSugar is a nice place! :)

Great to hear that you are a fellow tea drinker. For your information: I am writing books on tea and I want to spread the good word about the tasty beverage made from the Camellia sinensis (tea plant).

Thanks for the tips re. Pinterest business. I haven't changed my account to a business account yet.

I am pretty active on Instagram and tagging tea pictures with #teaftwbook and other related tags. I have a couple of tea related board on Pinterest.

All the Best,


Written by EdLeake
788 days ago

"I am writing books on tea" - awesome! I've started a few books... alas, never had time to finish. Kudos to you, it's a big commitment.

Written by lyceum
788 days ago

Ed: Welcome to BizSugar! I read on your Twitter profile that you "drink real coffee". Do you drink real tea? ;) I will start using Pinterest for my upcoming tea hobby business. Is it possible to directly place on order on a pinned image?

Written by EdLeake
788 days ago

Thanks, I quite like it here! ;-)

I love real tea, it's a (delicate) taste sensation! None of this freeze dried or pre-bagged drivel, we should take the time in life to enjoy the finer things. ;-)

I think Pinterest and Instagram will work well for tea, you can play around with it and have a little fun - visually.

As for selling: you would need to use "Product rich pins", theses are a bit like Google shopping in that they take you directly to the product page to purchase. Take a look >

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