LinkedIn: Why are so many salespeople using it wrong?

LinkedIn: Why are so many salespeople using it wrong? Avatar Posted by davidlowbridge under Social Media
From 523 days ago
Made Hot by: sophia2 on February 10, 2017 7:54 pm
Too many people are using direct marketing techniques in an inbound marketing environment. The result is often bad sales techniques, damaged reputations and a break down of trust.


Written by tiroberts
512 days ago

Great info and interesting perspective.

Written by davidlowbridge
511 days ago

Thanks for your comment. If you have any experiences with this sort of selling, we would love to hear about them.

Written by lyceum
519 days ago

David: I think it is going in the right direction, but you still have cold calling, pushy sales guys out there...

Written by lyceum
519 days ago

Gary: I agree with your analysis of the status of LinkedIn. I haven't been active in groups for a long time. I will look into the possibilities with Pulse, in order to create my own content on a new place.

David: The salespeople should have their own interest at heart, as we as buyers should think about the value we get out of the transaction. That shouldn't be a problem, if the both parties understand the Trader Principle.

Best Premises,


Written by GaryShouldis
519 days ago

I think Linkedin as a whole has a problem. It is trying to be like Facebook and people are treating it as such, going with attention getting tactics over value giving tactics. I left the majority of the groups I used to belong to because they just became a place to auto spam your content. Engagement levels have sunk on Linkedin over the past few years and I hope Microsoft steps in and cleans it up before it's too late.

Written by davidlowbridge
519 days ago

Thanks for commenting Gary. You are right in some respects. There are many people who can't adjust to the new way of selling. Unfortunately, this just hurts reputations and damages trust. Why should I go into business with someone who has their own interests at heart? They need to know me, care about my business and want to do well for my business - not just earn a commission.

Written by lyceum
520 days ago

David: You are right about that! ;) It could be that I am more sensitive to this issue, due to my long experience from being a purchaser.

Written by davidlowbridge
519 days ago

With your experience, have you found sales attitudes/tactics have changed or have they remained constant? It be an interesting reflection to hear.

Written by lyceum
521 days ago

David: It is sad to hear that so many salespeople are using LinkedIn in a wrong way.

Written by davidlowbridge
520 days ago

I agree. And I've had messages on LinkedIn from others stating they agreed with the article. However, I think this is just a symptom of a larger problem: untrained salespeople in the industry.

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