How To Promote Affiliate Offers On Facebook

How To Promote Affiliate Offers On Facebook Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Social Media
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Using Facebook to promote your website and drive traffic to the products and services that you’re an affiliate for is one of the best ways to quickly generate income.

However, many people promote their websites on Facebook in the wrong ways, which usually leads to them being labeled as a spammer.

There are quite a few different ways you can drive traffic to your site from Facebook and make money from your affiliate offers, without developing the reputation.

So before you start getting blocked from your favorite pages, or tossed out of your favorite groups onto the curve, follow these suggestions, implement the strategies I’m giving you, and then use Facebook to drive massive amounts of traffic to your affiliate links.


Written by tiroberts
567 days ago

I'm actually going to be doing some affiliate promotion on FB in the new year so this is right on time for me. Thanks!

Written by erikemanuelli
565 days ago

Glad to read you found the post interesting, Ti.

Social media can be a really powerful marketing channel.

Written by lyceum
568 days ago

Erik: Happy New Year!

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
570 days ago

Erik: Great to hear! Have prosperous new year!

Written by erikemanuelli
569 days ago

Happy New Year too, Martin! :)

Written by lyceum
571 days ago

Erik: I have to look into Facebook pages / groups again. I would like to talk with your more about affiliate marketing and my upcoming umbrella site for all my new media activities in the future.

Written by erikemanuelli
570 days ago

Sure thing, Martin.

Thank you! And happy holidays. :)

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