How To Look Stupid In 140 Characters

How To Look Stupid In 140 Characters - Avatar Posted by chrismicro under Social Media
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Made Hot by: steefen on December 27, 2012 8:19 pm
Run a micro business? Looking to raise your profile with Twitter? Then please don't make these deadly mistakes. They'll make you look stupid.


Written by tcamba
2090 days ago

Twitter is interesting because everyone uses it differently. This 140 characters if use effectively is a useful point of interaction for your customers. Your point no. 1 is absolutely well taken. You have really given me a huge smile today.

Written by Herby
2090 days ago

Great tips, Twitter is by far one of my favorite tool when it comes to online marketing. thanks for sharing Gaz.

Written by tiroberts
2091 days ago

Gaz, this is a great post. And the title is very clever as well. I couldn't help but click on it as I was scrolling through the bizsugar stories. You've given some great tips and I appreciate you sharing them with us. I must admit, when I first got started with twitter, I was one of those ones looking "stupid". But as I've grown in my marketing, I've learned the "do's" and "dont's" of social media fairly quickly. Thanks again for sharing!


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