365 Ways to Energize Your Blogging

365 Ways to Energize Your Blogging Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From http://egoist.blogspot.se 1135 days ago
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With the last regular working day gone for the year, it could be time to think how you could boost your energy for next year. Kelly McCause gave a great tip here on BizSugar (Blog Post Ideas – There’s An App For That). It is an application by Lynette Chandler called BlogEnergizer. With 10+ blogs I need some energy from a bunny in order to keep going...


Written by lyceum
1135 days ago

Valentine: Thanks for your comment. I have been daring and different right from the gecko of the start of my blogging on May 7, 2002. I have been a contrarian in a positive way all my life.

I agree it is hard to show a clear ROI on your blogging, but my EGO blog is an example of how I have got return on my investment by developing valuable relationships over time. It is all about "visibility, credibility and profitability" (V.C.P process by Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI).

After some years of blogging, I started with inviting fellow bloggers to write guest blog posts during my summer break.

I don't really think about "competitors" in the social media field. It is enough space for all of us to have a small piece of the cake. The Social Media Club motto is: "If you get it, share it." As an social media evangelist ("dubbed" by author and public speaker, Stefan Engeseth) and a "trader in matter & spirit," I am giving something of value all the time.

Written by bigmoneyweb
1135 days ago

I think Daring to be different adds up. These are strong numbers, but showing a clear ROI for your blog isn’t so easy. Nor is keeping your blog going but you can delegate that task or contract a copywriter. What is crucial is that you have something to add that your competitors aren’t giving your audience, something of value. Thanks for sharing.

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