23 Professional Tips for Social Media Marketing

23 Professional Tips for Social Media Marketing Avatar Posted by uttoransen under Social Media
From http://www.guestcrew.com 1197 days ago
Made Hot by: thecorneroffice on July 26, 2013 8:23 pm
Social media marketing is a brilliant way to tap into targeted customers. We all agree that.

Do you have a focused social media marketing strategy?

According to marketingcharts.com 28% of small businesses do not have a social media strategy. 4 Out of 5 of small businesses who had no social media marketing strategy last year plan to implement one this year.

To compete you need to get social.


Written by tareqjhe1
1188 days ago

Social marketing is so help our marketing.

Written by uttoransen
1188 days ago

hi tareqjhe1,

thanks for your comments,

surely, social media marketing - if done correctly, can help a lot,


Uttoran Sen,

Written by MyNoteTakingNerd
1189 days ago

I love... #22 Gather E-mail Addresses

This one is so important to remember because social media sites can go away and people WILL jump ship on them when they aren't the IT place to be but if we've built up an awesome relationship with a list email subscribers that have come to us from the varied social media channels, that's not going anywhere. :)

Written by uttoransen
1189 days ago

hi MyNoteTakingNerd,

thanks for your comments,

absolutely agree with you, Email has always been the best way to keep your customers and readers closer. If you have access to their email id, and they like your incoming messages... no other way of marketing can be better than this!


Uttoran Sen,

Written by thecorneroffice
1190 days ago

Really great list of tips. Thanks for sharing this with us, GuestCrew! :)


Written by uttoransen
1189 days ago

Hey thecorneroffice,

thanks for your comments,

glad you liked the article, happy to share,


Uttoran Sen,

Written by BizRock
1197 days ago

These are really professional tips for successful social media marketing. Thanks for sharing this with the Bizsugar community!

Written by uttoransen
1196 days ago

hi BizRock,

thanks for your comments, glad you liked it,


Uttoran Sen,

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