2017 Marketing Plan: Achieve ROI With These Tips

2017 Marketing Plan: Achieve ROI With These Tips Avatar Posted by centralpawebster under Social Media
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Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a marketing plan, which makes it challenging to quantify ROI. It’s necessary to not only have a marketing plan, but to have an integrated plan, as well. If you’re among those without a marketing plan, but want to see a return on your efforts, then this post is for you!


Written by lyceum
341 days ago

Rachel: Thanks for your input! It sounds like a great idea!

Written by lyceum
342 days ago

Rachel: The silo system you see in most organizations, I would say. As a former purchaser, I saw how the sales department didn't talk to use or the manufacturing department. And sales department and marketing department are often separated too.

How about thinking about inbound marketing and smarketing (social marketing)? ;)

Written by centralpawebster
342 days ago

What you're talking about touches on in-house efforts among departments, which is one of many challenges for marketing. I think business development and sales should align strongly with marketing, at a minimum. If we can successfully achieve this alignment, we can move into marketing/social media with all departments.

Written by lyceum
342 days ago

Shouldn't social media activities be integrated in your marketing plan?

Written by centralpawebster
342 days ago

One would think, yes. But like I said in the last blog, many companies do not have a marketing plan, so it's in a silo. It happens more often than not.

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