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Made Hot by: fusionswim on August 13, 2014 12:02 pm
It's hard to engage when they don't open your e-mails, to do that you need an effective subject line. See what was learned from 30 million e-mails sent.


Written by max-profits
1383 days ago

Great article, very valuable information "Subject lines with 2 words work well, more than 3 words dramatically reduce open rates" I had no idea. This is a must read for anyone newly embarking into email marketing to their list.

Written by SellBetter
1383 days ago

I think the practice is OK, I don't think "trick" is a negative, as long as they are not misleading intentionally. Let's not forget that it is proper English to address someone about a topic, "regarding you car...." People have come to think of RE as being a response to an e-mail, but it does not have to be. The fact that it gets people to take a second look or open the mail, is why it works. It seems many agree.

The bigger question is why the reluctance to communicating with people you don't know. You can delete the e-mail if you don't like it, but you may learn something by opening the right ones.

Written by lyceum
1383 days ago

Re(garding) your prompt reply! ;)

Tibor: Thanks for your reply to my comment and question. I played the devil's advocate a bit, and wanted to see your reaction! ;)

You are right that you could learn something from opening the "right" email messages.

I have seen this usage: ">>Re: Re:" as it should look like a thread that you have participated in, but it is a stand-alone email from a marketer.

I agree with the usage of the short version of the word, regarding, i.e., re. I have no problem with that, but I have an issue with some of the tactics, used by online marketers and sales people. It could be that I am sensitive from the days as an experienced purchaser! ;)

Written by lyceum
1383 days ago

Tibor: A follow-up comment. What do you think of the practice of using the "re"-word as an indication that it is a reply to a previous message of an email conversation, but in fact it is not?! I have received email messages from marketing companies, that are using "re" in order to trick you in to open the email, due to the fact that you think it is a reply to an earlier email conversation.

Written by lyceum
1383 days ago

The title, Re: The Best E-Mail Subject Line, is an attention grabber! ;) I had to click on the link! :)

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