Raising capital is very important to your small business. This section will serve as your go-to resource for everything related to raising capital - what is a VC and do you need one, how to approach a VC firm, things you need to know before approaching a VC, what are angel investors, how to write a business plan etc.

Following its passage in the state legislature, California governor Jerry Brown recently signed Senate Bill 1235 into law. This new act will require small business lenders and others to comply with certain transparency requirements, which lawmakers are hoping will help protect borrowers. Read More
So, you’ve completed the first part of building a successful business. You’ve got your startup off the ground, you are trading reasonably well, and a decent profit is rolling in. Like all good entrepreneurs though, you are already looking forward to the next step – expansion.

Expanding a busines Read More
Financial accounting for a business is probably one of the most tedious parts of running a business. However, allocating monies to the various areas of your business does not have to equate to tooth extraction. Instead by adopting a tried and true investment plan, you essentially establish a solid Read More

Role of Technology in Raising Business Funds

Role of Technology in Raising Business Funds  - https://www.wittysparks.com Avatar Posted by sravkum under Raising Capital
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Technology is playing a vital role in the 21st century, especially in the field of business where innovative entrepreneurs from various backgrounds are provided with opportunities to raise money or draw funds to initiate businesses at micro level. Read More

Thank-You Note

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I want to send out a virtual thank-you note to some individuals who have an important role in the process of cultivating my first forthcoming book on (black) tea. As I am in the middle of compiling text material and illustrations of the book, it is a bit of a challenge to remember everyone that hav Read More
What happens if you have done all of this and it simply isn’t enough? What if your family and friends can’t afford to help out or crowdfunding turns out to be less successful than you anticipated? It’s time to step up your efforts by exploring your financing options. From angel investments to takin Read More

5 Ways to Fund an Ambitious Online Business Venture

5 Ways to Fund an Ambitious Online Business Venture - https://www.fundingnote.com Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Raising Capital
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More often than not, you need money to get your online business venture off the ground. Here are just five ways to fund yourself in the beginning stages. Read More
Too many entrepreneurs are more focused on raising a round of funding than on building a valuable business. Read More
You’re ready to pitch your business and secure funding, but how do you find the right investors? Here’s where to look—and how to get their attention. Read More

Growth Capital vs Working Capital Differences

Growth Capital vs Working Capital Differences  - https://exitpromise.com Avatar Posted by Exit Promise under Raising Capital
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Sufficient cash, otherwise known as business capital, is necessary for any business to pay vendors and employees on time and to invest in real and intangible assets that enable growth. That’s why, as a business owner, it’s critical to understand what business capital is, and the differences betwee Read More

Nile Flores is the Blond Anomaly of WordPress

WordPress can be a great tool for businesses. But it can be complicated for some bloggers to navigate all of the … More
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