Video is a high value piece of content. It just shouldn't be thought of as an asset that requires thousands of dollars worth of equipment and months of work to create. Video is no longer a "professionals-only" content piece.


Written by erenmckay
430 days ago

The statistics for video are really impressive. The biggest obstacle for small business owners is being able to create high-quality videos on a consistent basis. Having a tool out there that facilitates this task will make my life much easier when creating a content strategy for a client.

Written by ravichahar
432 days ago

Hey Erik,

I am not into video marketing right now. I have tried but it turned out not my thing. People really need to understand the concept before they step a side.


Written by nicregi
432 days ago

I like this post. I too was once constantly thinking of video marketing and taking not only weeks but MONTHS!

Good stuffs and worth reading!

Written by tiroberts
432 days ago

I'll leave that tons of money should be pulling into video marketing when you have already become profitable and sustainable but to start out that's not a good idea

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