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Is your market hot and competitive, or are there few competitors? Answering these and other questions are necessary when selecting your marketing strategies and tactics to get new customers. Understanding the competitiveness of your market has an impact on what tactics you action.


Written by tiroberts
1207 days ago

Great insights, Susan, and I agree with Heather as well. Apple is the prime example of setting their own competition standards and it's proven to work extremely well for them. Glad you shared this with our community. :)


Written by m4bmarketing
1207 days ago

Thanks Ti

Written by HeatherStone
1211 days ago

Hi Susan,

On the subject of competition, I think it's worth noting that the most successful brands seem to deliberately refuse to compete, even with others in the same industry. For example, Apple has always refused to compete with other computer or technology companies on things like price or even the customers they target. Just because there are competitors with a similar product or service, does not mean you need to let them set the standards for your brand or business. Are there customers, or even whole markets, they haven't even thought about serving? You'll cut down significantly on the competition by freeing yourself from the idea that you need to mimic the strategy of others. Thanks for participating on BizSugar.

Written by m4bmarketing
1209 days ago

Agree with you Heather and you are right about successful companies do not do it. Having worked for multi national companies they never thought about copying their competitors as they knew the competitors win and they lose if they did it. Thanks for adding to the discussion.


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