How to never fear the competition ever again! �

How to never fear the competition ever again! � Avatar Posted by Berndgeropp under Marketing
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Imagine you could click your heels, and just like that – you are not in competition any more. You are now the undisputed number 1 in your market – sounds pretty good, right?

Unfortunately you are still in Kansas and Dorothy’s red slippers only work in the movies. But the good news is that a method exists to transform your company in such a way, as though you were able to click your heels...

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Written by lyceum
541 days ago

When I read your post, I got thinking of a discussion I had yesterday with a friend who had listened to a talk by Keith Cunningham on how to beat the odds.

Written by bigmoneyweb
543 days ago

People throughout history have become successful by

spotting a problem and solving it. Most of us can come up with a list of problems, but it takes some work (or a genius idea!) to come up with a workable solution.

In a nutshell… your customers have a problems you can solve. It’s up to you to know, understand and relate to those problems in a way that appeals to their best interests.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by Berndgeropp
543 days ago

Thanks for your comment.

You are right spotting the burning problem of customers is one issue, finding a good solution for it another.

Nevertheless, I believe it is very important to firstly get crystal clear what customer group to focus on.

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