Business Plan: Ignore It and Develop Your Vision Instead

Business Plan: Ignore It and Develop Your Vision Instead - Avatar Posted by unveiltheweb under Marketing
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Do you have a business plan that is inspiring, compelling or relevant?

Do you struggle to articulate your business’s vision and how you make a difference in the world?

Steve Jobs said it best when he said that a vision starts with the customer and everything else is built around them.

A business plan is nothing more than a list of things accomplished, money made to date and some ideas of things you will do to monetize your business in the future for a banker or investor.

Profits don’t come from business plans, they come through vision. In fact, your vision will dictate your business plan if done properly.


Written by lyceum
795 days ago

Don: Yeah, it is a very interesting passion I have... ;)

Best Premises,


Written by lyceum
798 days ago

Don: Thanks for your input! That's why I am describing myself as a Renaissance Man. I am passionate about values and I have vision of an ideal society, built on the foundation of the Renaissance.

All the Best,


Written by unveiltheweb
796 days ago

You're welcome! Sounds like a very interesting passion you have!!!!

Written by tiroberts
800 days ago

I love this. I think it's good to have somewhat of a structured plan but your vision is much more important. thanks for sharing!

Written by unveiltheweb
799 days ago

Thank you for your kind words! A structured plan is vital, but the plan ought to come as a result of how one will achieve their vision... and that means one must understand the difference between vision and strategy since they are often confused.

I appreciate you comment!

~ Don

Written by lyceum
801 days ago

Don: My vision is to establish a Second Renaissance, by spreading better ideas regarding business philosophy, new media, and the good life (including tea).

Best Premises,


Written by unveiltheweb
799 days ago

Hi Martin,

I think if you find the passions your passionate about solving you'll discover a rich vision that goes deeper and is extremely inspiring!!!

Thanks for your comment!

~ Don

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