We love simplicity as a customer. Yet we don’t always embrace it when marketing products or services. Next year is unlikely to be any less hectic than this year. And unless you like the pressure of complexity, it might be an idea to see how you can simplify your marketing.


Written by spinlessplates
1279 days ago

Hi Susan

Fantastic post

And also agree that we over complicate things usually as a good excuse to either not start or not finish something within our businesses

I recently had the privilege of listening to Ben Hunt-Davies (Olympic gold medalist) give a talk and he spoke about how they had just 1 question every action was measured against " Does it make the boat go faster"

If the answer was yes they did it, if no they didn't

I got 1 goal in my business (down from about 4 lists of goals!) and now my business decisions are really simple

Written by m4bmarketing
1278 days ago

Thanks Paul. Your example of Ben Hunt-Davis is such a simple one that says so much. That is great you decreased your goals, far less stressful for you.


Written by bigmoneyweb
1279 days ago

If you think about it, running a Business should really be quite simple: From years of research we know the most effective generic systems and processes to structure a business effectively.  We also know the best attitudes and behaviours for a business owners to adopt. Thanks for sharing.

Written by m4bmarketing
1278 days ago

Yep, the basics haven't really changed have they Valentine.


Written by HeatherStone
1279 days ago

Hi Susan,

Simplicity is harder than it looks to achieve. Maybe that's why as customers we appreciate it so much. Deep down we all know the challenges involved.

Written by m4bmarketing
1279 days ago

Hi Heather,

I actually believe that is what we tell ourselves as a reason not explore ways to simplify. But for the companies that do the rewards are worth any effort.


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