Using Maslow to Build a Stronger Business

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Thriving businesses don't just help customers and employees meet their basic human needs like safety and respect. Strong brands help their customers and employees met higher needs too.


Written by lyceum
232 days ago

Scott: I haven't read Patrick Lencioni's book. I did a followup interview with Chris Reimer in September, 2016:

Written by lyceum
233 days ago

Scott: Thanks for your reply! Talking about books, have you read Chris Reimer's book, Happywork: A Business Parable About the Journey to Teamwork, Profit, and Purpose?

Written by sjeffrey
233 days ago

I have not, Martin. But I have read (and still use) Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team as well as his field guide on the topic. Is Happywork similar?

Written by lyceum
235 days ago


Do you know about other organizations that have invested in continuous learning and personal development, like Zappos?

Written by sjeffrey
234 days ago


I would imagine there are, however, the only other company that comes to mind is Google. Otherwise, many companies have continuous learning programs tied to universities, but usually they are professional skill development courses. I've never come across another corporation that has an in-house life coach, for example.

Written by lyceum
235 days ago

Great to hear that Zappos has a library for the the employees.

Written by sjeffrey
235 days ago

Yes, I thought that was great too. Plus, it's not a "lending" library. They stock cases of the books and offer it to their employees to keep!

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