The Television Show That Could Change the World

The Television Show That Could Change the World Avatar Posted by CubeGuy under Management
From 1482 days ago
Made Hot by: GorgeousGeorge on November 14, 2012 5:54 am
There's a television show that airs every single week on Prime time TV that could change the working world as we know it. But unfortunately, it's not changing the world at all. Why? Let's find out together.


Written by MarkT
1479 days ago

I personally have only seen the show once or twice and its not bad. I like your take on this show. All too often what executives think is happening in their companies and what is actually is happening are two completely different things. The only way to know for sure is to get their and see for yourself.

Written by copyjuice
1480 days ago

Shola - great read! How do we get this article in front of every CEO in America?

I think putting yourselves in the shoes of others is important for anyone in business. Not only could we learn how to make employees happier - but customers too.

Written by HeatherStone
1481 days ago

Hi Shola,

Great idea television show or not. Why not spend some time in the trenches learning not only how policies and decisions are being implemented but also possibly discovering what resources might exist for you to leverage that you might not have noticed from your office or on your spread sheets. If you've worked your way up from the bottom, you may discover things have changed down there since you left. See for yourself and you may be surprised at the ideas you come away with.

Written by HeatherStone
1480 days ago

Agreed, Shola! Thanks again for contributing to the BizSugar community!

Written by CubeGuy
1480 days ago

Hey Heather! Again, I agree with you 100%. It amazes me that executives don't take the time to step into the trenches once in awhile to really see what's going on within their companies. Like you said, hanging out on the front lines will give you real data that you just can't get while sitting in your office reading over Excel spreadsheets. My only hope is that over time, more and more executives will come to realize this painfully obvious fact.

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