7 Tips for Surviving The Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur

7 Tips for Surviving The Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur Avatar Posted by Nellie Akalp under Management
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Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur can be rough. Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet.com, shares how to make the transition a bit smoother in this post on Mashable.com.


Written by Carol_Amato
1427 days ago

Hi Nellie,

I always love a “surviving” tip kind of post… :)

I like the simple, yet profound list of ways to survive switching from working a job to being an at home Online Entrepreneur.

I love the first one. When I first started at home learning to say no was a challenge for me. This spans the social area as well because family and friends used to think I just played around on the computer when I felt like it. They had no concept of the appointments and schedule I kept so had to educate them.

Perfectionistic tendencies were bringing me down for the longest time, and still plague me somewhat but getting great content out there is of paramount importance, and I learned I can always tweak as I go.

Thanks for your thought-provoking article!

- Carol Amato

Written by harishbali
1429 days ago

hello Nellie

Nice work in putting together facts, My special interest in this article as in Jan 2014 after 15 years of working as employee i moved to become an entrepreneur. Well i disagree with point number 2 - which mentions that you don't need to go for perfection.

My reason for saying that is - Every business is so competetive today that if you don't do it the best in first attempt, you don't get second chance.

It may be something as simple as drafting a official mailer, while there is nothing as perfect in real world but i think better way to put it is anything done on best effort basis is perfect.

In my opinion one should deliver high quality - trying to be near perfect where ever possible, this is the only way outside world will recognize you and give you a opportunity. Thanks

Written by Herby
1429 days ago

A whole lot of goodies here. Thanks Nellie.

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