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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi, this is Pete at Right Hand Planning. Today we’re going to talk about small business marketing and small business marketing budgets because we get a lot of calls from time to time from people and they want to spend three to five hundred dollars a month of marketing budget just one strategy like a facebook marketing plan or apay-per-click plan that’s enough and the answer is probably no and it’s really just due to competition just to pull out one strategy like that and expect to get great results on that budget it’s just unlikely because there are so many other strategies that come together and in just about any industry is going to have enough competition online that to be seen is going to require more than that so it really will lead to disappointment and that always leads to a larger conversation about what budget should we be doing so the answer to that is probably a thousand to $1500 a month and will take a look at why because there are just so many options and they all marketing options internet marketing options and it also need to come together to have an impact so why don’t we take a look at what some of those options are often comes up when we discuss doing an external marketing program that drives leads back to the website is the state of the website itself in a lot of people need to update their on-site SEO to get more organic traffic this is improving the copy andthe keywords or adding more content URL structure the titles all those things and then there’s the conversion aspect which is is there a clear call to action that visitors are driven to take when they arrive at your website or or clients landing page so is there a big highlighted but to call or is there a download this document or zero request more information so they can get into the lead process or make the sale so that’s the first thing that comes up and that takes part of the budget then there is social media marketing that content marketing is a world unto itself which is really the heart and soul of a lot of online marketing now because it includes guest blogs articles FAQ use material for your website material for your blog materials to be distributed to a strategic partners to be uploaded to SlideShare sites and video sites and things like that so then we could get into paid out through Google AdWords or facebook advertising or Twitter advertising so these are a lot of the things that come into play when setting a small business marketing budget and you can see where $ a month is just quickly not going to cut it so finally in the last years what about traditional SEO and and for a long time people wanted an SEO campaign to get their link to the top of Google search results for their specific keywords and because of Google’s algorithm changes it’s become a riskier strategy is probably the last thing we would recommend that you do if you’re doing it if you’re doing just about everything else because that investment takes time and another algorithm update my Google could push it back down to the bottom also with their Google’s algorithms now people see different results based on where they’re located geographically and their browsing history so a lot of content marketing takes care of the SEO if your on-site SEO is good you’ll do okay and if it to your content marketing and sharing material online that creates backlinks that will help your organic SEO as well so that doesn’t come up as much anymore so rather than biggest single strategy and sold for a good result it’s better to take a step back and we encourage conversation about a marketing plan so marketing plan basics in in this is going to be more information than some people will use and it’s going to be not enough information depending on how big the company is in the client’s current position but a marketing plan includes targeted audience analysis and segmentation you have primarily manager customers but a smaller segment of women do you have for all customers with a smaller segments of urban customers or other segmentation section and then customer pain points are people coming to you because they are comparing brands or are they coming to you because they have a problem and they’re not even sure how to solve it yet and that and that leads to the consumer journey so how are people finding you are they going to social media or the using word of mouth or they find it using Google are they fighting new in the neighborhood of the doing secondary research online so that’s all sort of from the audience and customer point of view things that you want to take into consideration now UVP and USP is unique value proposition and unique selling proposition this is sort of a fancier way of looking at selling by features or benefits and many of us have heard that you should sell benefits not features I guess a simple example of that would be if you’re selling your car a future might be that it has dual front passenger airbags but the benefit to the consumer is a keep your family safe so you want to talk in terms of benefits when talking externally to your consumers and external stakeholdersbut internally is important to know what is your company’s value proposition what is it that means your company internally that says we do this better than anybody else and that sort of leads to the competitive analysis and the positioning what is your company is important about whether you’re the low-cost high-speed delivery service provider or you the very high quality very long lead-time service provider or where on the map or matrix of your competitors have you stayed out your territory that nobody else how so that’s something to take into consideration before even picking a marketing strategy then there are all be sales and marketing strategies like content marketing social media marketing Google AdWords Facebook ads and all of that so then the lead capture we talked about in regards to the website how do people get in your final and then of course how to capture that information because we’ve all probably heard the adage that it’s cheaper to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire new customers that that is almost always true so if you are creating a database of existing customers when you get up sale and resale to them so this conversation that starts with how much can I spend on marketing can I get a nice man three to five hundred dollars or even you know if we say we should be spending its before even answering that it makes sense to take a step back and look at what are your marketing goals and where do you fit in and how is your site set up and all these elements that come into play so hopefully that’s a broader look at not going beyond budget and more how to look at your company as a whole in your marketing strategy as a whole so hopefully that’s beneficial and we’re happy to help give us a call anytime thanks very much… Read more

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