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Keyword research is the first step when you're starting your blog or affiliate niche site or when your writing a new post on your website. But what does keyword research really mean? Well, for me it means finding those keywords or keyphrases that people are using in search engines like Google when they are looking for information, and after that analyzing each one in terms of competition and number of monthly search queries. First of all there are 3 different types of keywords. 1. The "Head": These are very popular keywords but there not worth targeting by their own because most of the times they're related to big brand names, for example: Facebook, Google, Wikipedia... but also general terms like marketing, fashion, etc. 2. The "Body": These are two or three words that form a more specific search query. For example: internet marketing or internet marketing strategies, Youtube funny videos. 3. The "Tail": Or the long tail keywords. These usually contain more than three keywords and get less searched than the Head and Body keywords but there are more of them. They often come in the form of a question, here are some examples: how to build a blog, what are the latest fashion trends... you get my point.

Creating an Initial Keyword List

Now considering that you've chosen a topic on which you want to start a niche site or write a new blog post, its time to brainstorm what keywords you want to rank for. This is very important, because if you won't focus on a set of specific keywords to rank for and just be all over the place, its more likely that you won't rank for anything. Creating your initial keyword list...
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