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Made Hot by: steeldawn on March 17, 2010 3:12 pm
It's Wedding Season! Yes, its the kind of excitement and passion you need in your social media marketing. The kind that has Vince Vaughan screaming in his office in the classic movie Wedding Crashers. It may be juvenile, but it's his passion and he's dedicated to being the best.


Written by Barneyausten
3136 days ago

Be "real"- this says it all for me! If you can't be, this will show through and your relevance simply disappears! Oh and great comparison!

Written by billrice
3137 days ago

Nice post Nick. Man those Kaleidico guys know how to coach social media sales!

Full disclosure: One of my rock-star social media guys here at I'm proud of him--forgive me.

Written by wchingya
3137 days ago

What a crazy, hilarious movie it was. :) I'm glad you brought out some fantastic rules to be applied in our daily marketing routines. Be observant is the first thing to do, even before all the research and planning. 'Play like a champion' is probably the best quote I like to highlight -- we are who we think we are. We won't have to exaggerate ourselves to stand out, but work out a comfortable way to blend in without losing our best qualities, could be the winning factor. :) Appreciate this mind providing post.


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Written by robertbrady
3138 days ago


Hilarious comparison, but I love it. Social media requires you to put yourself out there and risk failing. However, failures teach important lessons and a deft recovery can put you in the spotlight even more. Keep crashing!

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