The Startup Life Cycle

The Startup Life Cycle  - Avatar Posted by AashishPahwa under Startups
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A knowledge of the startup life cycle is important for every entrepreneur as it is different from any other product life cycle. Read More
For all entrepreneurs, starting a business is the route to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” no matter how risky. It’s the American dream that has been the goal of people in this country for over 240 years. If you are here in the U.S., I hope you are all able to take some time off this Read More

Ranking the Best and Worst States to Start a Business In

Ranking the Best and Worst States to Start a Business In - Avatar Posted by jondyer under Startups
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The success of your small business can be impacted by a number of factors — some of which you can control and others that you can’t. Towing the line between those two categories is what state you choose to open your business in. While you may just assume setting up shop in your current city makes s Read More
Keys to Small Business Success – What Every Business Needs To Succeed

What are the must haves for small business success? Get the best advice for new small business owners. Read More
Entrepreneurs inherently understand that they have to be the initial leader of their startup, but often they don’t have the experience or the training to know where their leadership competencies lie, or how to build a leadership team. For new entrepreneurs, leadership development efforts may be mor Read More
It feels like this is a classic entrepreneurial blunder. You trust yourself to do everything exactly how you want it done, and taking on more yourself is usually a pretty cost effective angle of attack as well. For the first four years of this company, I wrote every check, and spent every Saturday Read More
Some analysts argue that revenue drives growth, while others say user growth drives revenue. Both have worked. Google reached $1B in revenue within five years of incorporation, and now has a market capitalization of over $800B. Twitter showed no focus on revenue in the first five years, but was abl Read More

When should you charge by the hour and when by project?

When should you charge by the hour and when by project? - Avatar Posted by moneytized under Startups
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Charge per hour or per project?
This question seems to bother a lot of small business owners and freelancers.
Here is a comparison of the two billing models.
The decision is yours. Read More
After many years as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and an occasional angel investor, I realized that new venture founders all seem to stumble on similar pitfalls, despite my best efforts to steer them to smoother routes. Of course, I would never say never, and passion does overcome many obstac Read More
For businesses that need help with IT but don’t have the resources to hire a professional full time, a managed service provider can help. HigherGround Managed Services is one such service provider. The company offers a full-service experience and consulting to meet the needs of their clients around Read More

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