BYOD Policy, How to Reduce Security Fears and Improve Productivity

BYOD Policy, How to Reduce Security Fears and Improve Productivity Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Technology
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For the ones who are not familiar with the term, BYOD stands for “bring your own devices”. Both the employee and the company can benefit from a properly enforced BYOD policy. Some studies have shown that it increases the productivity of an employee. But there are some who doubt the accuracy of these studies.

It could be a simple thing like replying to a mail before going to bed. Adding finishing touches to a presentation or something a bit challenging like delivering your final code. All these are extra hours work done by an employee on behalf of the company. So obviously there are benefits. The trick is to balance the benefits with the security risks.


Written by Sian Phillips
1931 days ago

Thanks for this interesting post Nishadha. I haven't worked in an office for years so I was wondering how companies police this type of thing

Written by lyceum
1932 days ago

Sian: I have heard about stories regarding of "bringing your own smart phone" at work. It could be safety issues and challenges with shifting between the private sphere and business tasks, but I think the mobile way and an integration of the worklife is here to stay.

How about "BYOB"?! ;)

Written by elainerogers
1932 days ago

Nicely explained, and often a touchy subject - especially with smaller firms - who foots certain bills, and how much "personal" usage is allowed?

I think the debate (and the fears) will stretch into 2013 - education will lesson fears, but I expect it will be one of those - learn as we go - kind of business goals.

Great post Nishadha, thanks!

Written by bigmoneyweb
1932 days ago

Great article. The majority of federal employees want their agencies to implement a policy that allows them to use their own devices for work, with many arguing that doing so will lead to cost savings and improved productivity. Thanks for sharing.

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