My wife just closed the books on our mid year numbers(January - June) and profits are up in the double digits again. Here's what we did differently this year.

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Written by HeatherStone
1010 days ago

Hi Steve,

Very insightful post, not just because of the growth but maybe more because of some of the behind the scenes details which are good for anyone trying to figure out how to start or boost an online business.

Written by mywifequitherjob
1010 days ago

Basically, we've had at least 2 price hikes of between 10-15% each within 6 months. There's a shortage of labor and the material costs have gone up as well.

Written by saraib820
1010 days ago

Congratulations on your growth! I imagine a lot of the growth in online shopping has to do with fuel prices.

I would love to do much more shopping online, but most of the things I need and would like are sold overseas (Israeli products are functional, but not very nice). I got a rude awakening when I first moved here. I ordered books from Amazon, clothes from online retailers and furniture. Unfortunately here, the customs officers take their jobs way too seriously and when you order something that costs $100, you usually get an accompanying bill from customs for another $60. That's if you can even get a product shipped here - a lot of companies don't like shipping here. Kind of takes the allure out of the process.

Written by businessavante
1010 days ago

Scary news about increased inflation in China, Steve - but thanks for the heads-up.


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