Small Business Leadership is About Listening

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Listening is an important part of business success. There's only one problem, says blogger and entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. Many business leaders, including top CEO's, don't do much of it. But if top business leaders are often wired to get others to listen to them, then how can they gain the insight into what others are thinking and feeling so necessary to innovate and expand their business. The key is to give listening a try. It may not be easy to hear what others are saying, at times, but the benefits of the experience should not be ignored.

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Written by macswomen
237 days ago


STOP to evaluate your progress.

LOOK at what's going on in the market & LOOK for areas in your poduct/service you can improve on.

LISTEN to what your customers are saying.

Thanks you for sharing this content, Heather.


Written by ShawnHessinger
478 days ago

There is definitely a kind of split personality that goes on with entrepreneurs and thought leaders, I think. On one hand, you have ideas that you want to communicate with others. You wouldn't be who you are without the belief in your own thought processes and your own approach to problems. On the other hand, listening gains you additional insight. It gives you the information you use as raw materials in some of those ideas. So listening is also a step in this process. But knowing when to do one and when to do the other is the trick. Thanks to Heather Stone, by the way, for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

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