I really did enjoyed myself over the weekend because apart from the gifts and fun I had at my party, I also did change something on my blog. Can you tell what I changed? Ahah… Yes! You’re right, I changed … Continue reading →

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Written by tiroberts
471 days ago

Awesome piece, Babanature. It's really important to have a catchy and appealing logo. One that will stick in your readers mind and pin-point you as the go to guy for a particular niche.

You've shared some great insights and tips here. I appreciate you sharing them with our bizsugar community.


Written by babanature
471 days ago

Hello Ti

You’re absolutely right, our logo represents us and it should look appealing and more professional. Getting a better logo should be at the back of all blog and website owners mind :) .

Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. do have a great week ahead :)

Written by nirmalablog
471 days ago

Looking good!

Written by babanature
471 days ago

Thanks Nirmala

Written by bigmoneyweb
472 days ago

That's a very good one Babanature, the logo is looking really great more than the one there before. what did you celebrated over the weekend.? Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by babanature
471 days ago

Hello Val, thanks for seeing the logo to be cool.

Yes! i celebrated my birthday over the weekend and it was indeed a great and lovely one. Most welcome and do have a blissful week ahead...

Written by BizRock
472 days ago

Logo symbolizes your company and provides an image nothing else can provide. It is one of the many important yet missed elements for many businesses.I really enjoyed in this article, thank you for reminding me the importance of of logo!

Written by babanature
471 days ago

Couldn't agree with you more...

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