4 Strong Ways Of Protecting Your Wordpress Blog

4 Strong Ways Of Protecting Your Wordpress Blog Avatar Posted by babanature under Resources
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“I love my blog” would be my first best words. Yes! I love my blog and I love everything about it, so since I love my blog that much I always try to keep it safe like a little baby … Continue reading →


Written by einfal
630 days ago

Excellent article

Would just like to add,

As a heavy wordpress user within our company environment, If/When you notice your website is down because of malware etc.. most often its because you're scripts, plugins etc.. are out of date. Dont think (at first) that you're being deliberately targeted. It will just make you panic for no reason, rather your site is out of date and therefore, vulnerable

If you installed your wordpress using a cpanel type script, most often you'll automatically be notified every time there's a core update to wordpress

I'm curious what a suggestion would be for a Security plugin would be. We've recently tried Wordfence, I'd be interested to learn about others and their experience, please do share

Written by babanature
630 days ago


Everybody have their own taste of security plugins. i am using WebsiteDefender wordPress Security and it is serving me well.

Written by bigmoneyweb
632 days ago

Great post. Using Extremely Strong Username and Password. This is probably the most must-do stuff to  protect your wordpress blog from hackers.  When creating password please make sure to keep it strong but easy to remember. Add special characters if possible. Passwords like password1, Password1 and the like are so easy to guess. On the other hand, it is advisable to have a username that does not have resemblance with the domain name. Let us say for example your domain is hackme.com then you should not have hackme as your  username to make it difficult to guess. Thanks for sharing.

Written by babanature
631 days ago


yeah! i well secured password is great and it is also advisable to change password once in a while for more security. thank for the comment

Written by BizRock
632 days ago

Great post about WordPress and how to protect your blog! Nothing is too complicated, you just need to often update your WordPress platform version.

That is one of the basic and one of the most important tip! :)

Thank you for sharing!

Written by babanature
632 days ago


yeah! the best way is to update your wordpress regularly and aLso updating your plugins for bugs. Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend

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