We have already acknowledged the contribution that Velocity has brought to the table related to Task development, but we keep finding even more ways to leverage this capability as we explore new and different ways to utilize the Splatforms infrastructure. Even though you can now take a single *form and blast it out to over [...]

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Written by businessavante
2546 days ago

I guess this answers my question from yesterday - before you auto-submit to the 200 still unknown sites, you auto-spin the article so it seems like less duplication??


Written by splatforms
2544 days ago

Spintax is something that we just recently discovered. Most of our existing Tasks do not spin the *form contents, but it is definitely something that we are happy to add to our list of options. Tasks are developed individually to take the data from one *form (currently, we have five: Text, Link, Article, Event, and Contact) and post it on one site (of which we have around 300+ on our list right at the moment). How the *form fields are mapped to the target site's input fields is determined on a Task by Task basis.

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