You Scared: 10 Nonsense Reasons You Won't Write a Guest Post

You Scared: 10 Nonsense Reasons You Won't Write a Guest Post Avatar Posted by myspalmer under Online Marketing
From 1348 days ago
Made Hot by: LimeWood on February 14, 2013 10:14 pm
Write a guest post, or forever be remembered as the scaredy cat blogger. Are you making these excuses to not write a guest post?


Written by johnfaust
1345 days ago

We usually received request for guest post. The main reason we reject them is that they use free email account.

Written by tiroberts
1347 days ago

Wow, what a picture ya' go there, Mys.

Ahem, (refocuses) - Yes, guest posting is a kick but way to kill several birds with one stone. But I think its best for building strong, long-lasting relationships.

As I begin to guest post more, I'm learning that not every blog you guest post on will send you loads of traffic and subscribers. However, one thing you can count on almost 100% of the time is a virtually unbreakable relationship with the webmaster - which leads to many more opportunities for exposure and a building more brand recognition.

Totally great post. I'm glad I saw it over on BizSugar. It was enjoying to read and HEY this is my first comment on your lovely blog, Whoop!

Keep the great content coming,


Written by thebloggerjourney
1348 days ago

Hi Mys,

I think guest posting is one way in which you can get new readers and followers for free. It is clear that the post should be helpful and of a very good quality for readers of the blog to which you write. I have practiced in the past guest posting with some blogs related to fitness, and the truth is I got very good results. Great Post!!

Written by myspalmer
1348 days ago

Hey Juan,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Now, I can't say it's completely "free". We do have to research topics and create outstanding content. Which takes time. And time is moola! lol

But you're right. You get to leverage an already targeted and engaged audience, AND build one for yourself, at the same time!

How cool is that?

Glad to know you're getting out there and spreading your unique message Juan. Keep it up. Hey, enjoy your week okay!

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