It may sound like a really broad question, but the answer will amaze you. Find out if you're one of the content marketers who's doing it!


Written by QueenMaa
904 days ago

You made some excellent points. It's very important to identify your target market. The better you understand them you can give them what they want. Thanks for sharing!

Written by nicolebeckett
904 days ago

Thanks! The business owner-customer relationship is just like any other relationship -- when you take time to think about what the other person wants, everyone wins! :)

Written by AngelBiz
905 days ago

Nicole - This is an excellent point. I would say that it is true not only for content marketing, but for all aspects of business. If you "Get It" what it is that customers want you will be able to produce the right thing for the right customer at right price and provide the right customer service. Unfortunately, not many people are capable of Getting It. Steve Jobs was one such example who Got it.

Written by nicolebeckett
904 days ago

Thanks for the kind words! You're right -- "Getting It" is vital for every single part of business. When I'm out shopping, I definitely wish that more business owners "Got It", and I know I'm not alone!

Written by BizRock
906 days ago

Amazing example of what’s the one thing that all great content marketers do. I've been really impressed with this article and you give me some great lessons about content marketing,thanks.

Written by nicolebeckett
906 days ago

Thanks, Rock! We tend to overlook the simple stuff, but oftentimes, it's the simple stuff that can make us so successful! :)

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