What Is Your Blog Commenting Strategy?

What Is Your Blog Commenting Strategy? Avatar Posted by keepupweb under Online Marketing
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Do you comment for the backlinks, to voice your opinion, to build relationships, to learn or to add to the conversation? What is your commenting strategy?


Written by bigmoneyweb
1518 days ago

I believe that the first reason commenting is powerful is because its one of the best ways to build some solid relationship with other bloggers. I don't know about you but, thats my own reason for commenting, every other thing will follow afterwards. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by keepupweb
1515 days ago

I completely agree Val. I strongly believe that if you're not adding some sort of value, you probably shouldn't bother commenting at all. I know a lot of people sincerely want to help you out by leaving a comment but sometimes they may not be able to think of something to say. That's why I always end my posts with a couple of questions. That way, if they want to comment and need a little nudge, they have something that they have something that they can reply to.

Another tip that I pass on (that most of us really appreciate) is to let the blogger know how you found their blog in the first place. So, a reader can always leave a comment letting the blogger know how they found them in the first place. If you found them through another blogger, that's giving them a shout out too. Win-Win-Win!

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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