Useful blog posts are the most read blog posts. Want your work to get read more? Read on to learn how to help your readers without overwhelming them.


Written by tiroberts
1378 days ago

Overwhelm is definitely something you don't want to dump on your audiance. We're trying to attract them, not repeal them. :)

Great post, Kelvin.


Written by KelvinIsAwesome
1378 days ago

Exactly! Although being overwhelmed from time to time is alright if you've found something new and exciting, but for sure, attracting attention is best done by leaving them wanting more.

Thanks Ti!

Written by HeatherStone
1378 days ago

Hi Kelvin,

I don't know how many posts are constructed with the call to action as an explicit answer to the headline, but this is a fairly ingenious way to think about the process. I'm wondering how this generally affects your approach to creating a post and whether you could comment on that approach a bit more not only here but over at BizSugar for the benefit of the entire community.

Written by KelvinIsAwesome
1378 days ago

...Hi Heather! Here's the second half of my answer (the first half is over at the ol' Function blog:

So, the individual posts which make up these series obviously need to be closely related. I find that in order to write an effective post that provides value, information or straight-up answers, I need to first ask myself pertinent questions. I know, it's so dumb it works!

I pose these questions in my outlines, break them down in the body of my posts into subheadings, and then in order to wrap everything up, I state a definitive answer as part of my call to action. To be honest, it helps me keep my oft-scatter-brained mind in check because the entirety of the post needs to be on track for the CTA to match the headline.

Does that all make sense? I could keep going, I'm sure!

I'm really happy you've taken the time to comment Heather, I love these types of conversations!

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