How To Get More Twitter Followers (It's Not What You Expect)

How To Get More Twitter Followers (It's Not What You Expect) Avatar Posted by ledux under Online Marketing
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So, lets dive into today's topic!

I got a question that asked: "What is the best way to gain twitter followers?"

Well, I want to go very deep on this. First, why do you want those followers in the first place? You, probably ain't some ego maniac who wants those followers just to feel good, there's probably a better reason than that. Me thinks you want to build an audience on Twitter, but then again why do you want that? Do you want to have people interacting with you and re-tweeting your content? You would want that, because...? Because you want to generate traffic to your offer and make money, right?

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Written by ShibaniRoy
136 days ago

Twitter is definitely an important platform for social media marketing. Here are a few ways that could help you use Twitter, as an effective marketing tool.

1) Complete your profile

Provide an interesting bio and create a simple twitter handle that is easy to remember. An attractive image with a witty comprehensive description should do the trick.

2) Create curiosity

No one wants to read regular mundane tweets. Think out of the box!

3) Be trendy

Keep up with the times. Know what’s in and what’s not.

4) Engagement is the key

Engage and Participate! Hold competitions and interact with your followers.

5) Use #hashtags

Tweets with hashtags are more likely to appear in search results and trending topics. When used wisely, it can go viral.

6) Create lists

So you can watch your followers closely!

7) Join hands with influential people

A tweet having the name of a celebrity, the mention of a charity event or noble cause or even a famous company’s name will help it go viral. Show your support and have them support you!

8) Have a clear CTA

Call them to action! A clear Call-to-Action for a charity event or an environmental pledge will attract followers. Provide a link or tell them clearly what to do.

9) Be local

Target people who are within your reach and give them something they can identify with.

10) Retweet

Retweet interesting tweets of your followers and they would surely do the same for you. Show them that they matter to you.

Written by kingofcontent92
138 days ago

Followers are one of the main thing why businessmen and entrepreneurs are diving into twitter but they are thinking that nothing is going wrong they most of them are certainly wrong.

Thank you for sharing this to us. It will really help us in the future.

Just keep on posting.

Written by bloggerpalooza
138 days ago

Having more twitter followers is a bloggers heaven but ways to doing it is not so simple and most are hoaxes or not just applicable anymore.

Thank you for sharing this to us. It will really help us in the future.

Just keep on posting.

Written by bigmoneyweb
149 days ago

Having a huge and responsive twitter followers is what every internet marketer and blogger want because, you will always get your words out to so many people that way and, its also good for social proof but, its always good to get them the right way. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by ledux
149 days ago

Having a Twitter following can help you, but it doesn't build overnight and just focusing your efforts there is inefficient.

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