How to Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch

How to Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch Avatar Posted by AmyJordan under Online Marketing
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Struggling with getting traffic to your blog or website? Fret no more. Top blogger Ana Hoffman lays out step by step how to get 1,000 visitors to your website in only 30 days.

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Written by adrianoarwin
492 days ago

I was working with this kind of strategies now especially after I was badly hit by the Penguin.

Written by tiroberts
498 days ago


This is a great post and I was eager to read it. During the relaunch of my blog, I was able to generate 8,000+ visitors to my site is 30 days. The biggest thing that helped me do that was to build relationships with other bloggers. I think this is THE key to getting a crap load of traffic extremely quick.

I started out with first networking and building a small blogging alliance with members of BizSugar (one of the best community curating sites around) and then expanded from there. Another thing that I did a lot of was blog commenting. This played a huge part in building relationships with influencers and getting on their radars. I also published great content on a hot topic (traffic). I'd always make sure to mention influencers, link back to them, and let them know I'd mentioned them by reaching out to them on their social networks. This was a quick and easy way to connect with them on social media as well and tap into their social influence.

The beauty of traffic generation is there's really no wrong or right way to do it. It's all based on what you're comfortable with and what brings you the best results. I for one and in LOVE with art of traffic generation and I love socializing and interacting with my fellow bloggers, so the way I decided to do it worked out perfectly for me. And, I got to build some great relationships with awesome bloggers like you. :)

Thanks for covering this topic. You rock!


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